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Camps are to be seen in the light of Matt. 28:18-20 and Eph. 4:12-16. It is a ministry of the church designed to bring the lost to saving faith, and God's people to full maturity in the Body of Christ.

It provides an environment in which biblical principles can be learned and tested, demonstrating that all phases of life are subject to God’s word.

Deerwander is dedicated to presenting the Christian message to young people in such a way as to enlist their commitment and allegiance to Jesus Christ. Deerwander feels that it has been given a share in Christ’s work, i.e., proclaiming the clear and positive message in the calling of young people to follow Jesus Christ.


While we do operate as a “camp” Deerwander is truly a Bible Conference and our program reflects so. Our purpose statement has been the same since the beginning of camp in 1938 “To provide an atmosphere that is not only conducive to challenging young people and encouraging to serious Christian commitment in choosing worthwhile and unselfish goals while having fun in the processes.” Our program reflects the same with daily devotionals, morning classes and an evening speaker each night.

We DO however have plenty of supervised free time each day with the largest block of time in the afternoon where campers can choose what they would like to do. Some activities we offer are: swimming, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, water-ski/wakeboarding, tennis, basketball, volleyball, cricket, pool and ping pong. For the musically inclined campers there is usually an afternoon “jam session” and we encourage campers to bring instruments if they like to camp.

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