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 All staff positions are volunteer as we strive to keep camp costs as low as possible to not hinder any camper from being able to participate.  We do provide food, lodging, travel stipends and GREAT opportunities to serve Him.

Staff members at Deerwander are part of a privileged group of people, able to participate at camp in a truly unique way as they challenge themselves and (Lord willing) affect the lives of the young people there in a positive manner. We consider it a privilege to serve Jesus Christ at Deerwander Bible Conference and know you will find your experience here to be most valuable.

Together we are dedicated to providing a summer camp for young people where the gospel of Jesus Christ is clearly presented and where they are encouraged to believe in Him and live their lives in obedience to His commandments.

For more information please use the contact form.

cabin counselor

Cabin Counselors are the main staff conection with the campers.  If you want to be "in the thick of it" cabin counselors experience more of camp and spend more time with campers than all other staff.

worship staff

Worship Staff include both teachers and preachers as well as music leaders.  Each year we seek out the worship staff that can engage and reach our campers in a meaningful way in accordance with our program goals.

operations staff

Includes: Handymen, sports/games leaders, waterfront, store keepers and more

kitchen staff

Kitchen Staff provide the fuel to keep campers and staff running and are a vital part of camp.  This is also where Junior Counselors start out.

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