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camp FAQ

The following are some of the more frequent questions that get asked and hopefully alleviate any pre-camp concerns. If you read through this section and still have questions, please contact us at or use the contact form off the menu bar.


Is Jr High and Sr High Deerwander one large camp?

Deerwander Bible Conference started as a single entity and branched out to include a Middle School aged program in the late 1990’s. Today, they are run simultaneously in separate locations (MS camp at Camp Berea in Lyman, ME and Sr. High at Chop Point Camp in Woolwich, ME) and both have distinct traditions and programs unique to each camp and the ages they cater to.


Will friends or family going together see each other?

As long as they are both going to either the Sr. High or the Jr. High camp then “Yes". The amount of time they will see each other depends on the activities they enjoy and the course tracks they attend and the cabins they are in. Each afternoon we do have a large block of free time which is generally the best time to "connect".


How do cabin assignments work?

Because we don’t know every camper prior to arrival, we have found it best to assign cabins based on grade in school. We do try and honor requests for campers to be in other cabins as we are able and when it may be in the best interest of the camper and/or cabin. We do not make any of these changes prior to camp starting as we rely on the judgment of the counselors of both cabins once the campers are on site.


Will the campers participate in a lot of activities?

Every camper will not only have plenty of free time to do their own activities but we also have whole camp games and competitions during their time together at camp.

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