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Deerwander was founded in 1938 by the Rev. Burton L. Goddard with help from Rev. Lawrence Eyres. It was originally called a “Summer Bible Conference at Deerwander Lodge” in West Hollis, Maine. The Lodge was a large, private home on Deerwander Road, hence the name Deerwander.  Since then it has been held in many places and directed by many different people.

​Since 1982 Deerwander has been held at Chop Point Camp in Woolwich, ME and is now comprised of 2 separate overnight resident programs (Jr High and Sr High) which continue the same underlying philosophy of Rev. Goddard; To provide an atmosphere that is not only conducive to challenging young people and encouraging to serious Christian commitment in choosing worthwhile and unselfish goals while having fun in the processes.


Sr High camp is run under the guidance of Directors Kurt Anderson and Rev. Greg Hills while the Jr High camp operates under the guidance of Director Jon Evans. 

Deerwander formed a nonprofit corporation in the State of Maine during 1997 and a Board of Directors was established to oversee the work of the Sr. High Camp.

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